City Fit — A modern solution to outdoor fitness (A UX Case Study)

The Goal

Research Phase

► User research: Quantitative Data

Some survey results

► User research: Qualitative Data

Interview Guide
  • The people that we interviewed don’t feel to comfortable working out in the gym.
  • People want to feel motivated while working out.
  • Most people prefer working out outside, but they also want to feel safe.

Define Phase

► Affinity Diagram

► Empathy Map

► User Persona

Primary User Persona

► User Journey Map

  • Alice is Irritated by the large crowds of people while working out.
  • She feels demotivated the rest of the day, after a frustrating day of workout.

Ideation Phase

► How Might We? Statements

► MoSCoW Method

► The MVPs

  • Provide the user with safer routes around the city.
  • A feature that allows users to see how crowded an area/route is in real time.
  • A feature that grant the user routes/places around city to workout.

► Metrics:


  • Some surprises that we found out while working on this project were that a large amount of people don’t use any type of fitness apps
  • Some people find gyms too competitive and that’s why they don’t go to them
  • Key learnings that we learned in this project were
  • To prioritize our features, based on what our audience is looking for
  • And one key learning that I would keep in mind for the next project is to make more specific questions on our survey to get better data.



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